Posted by: thoughtfulnomad | August 27, 2010

My route through China

I’ll be leaving China next week, so I figured I would post  map showing the cities I’ve been. I’m in Guilin right now, which is in the south, and have one more city to go to until I cross over into Hong Kong on September 3rd. The cities  and order I’ve visited them in are this:

Beijing – Shanghai – Hangzhou – Shanghai – Xi’an – Guiling – Yangshuo …from there I will take a bus to a Chinese city right next to Hong Kong to cross the border. I fly from Hong Kong to Bangkok on September 6th.



  1. Thanks for the map, Kristen. I’m curious to know how many miles you’ve logged so far since you left TX.

    Take care, and don’t let the bed bugs bite! Ouch!

    Aunt Sharon

  2. Amazing journey for a 21 year old, but as Grandpa would say, “that’s my granddaughter”. He loved to travel and would be(is) so proud of you. Keep on going!

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