Posted by: thoughtfulnomad | August 22, 2010

Terracotta Warriors, Biking on Acient Walls, and a laundry after party

Xi’an is awesome. It’s a city surrounded by huge walls, a moat, and has a giant bell tower in the middle. The walls are 13 kilometers around and you can actually go up and walk on them or even rent a bike to ride on top of them. The city also has tons of shopping malls and Starbucks everywhere. It’s a big college city with a lot of Chinese tradition. I really like it a lot. Today I took a bus to see the Terracotta Warrior museum, which was amazing. The are 3 giant pits where thousands of soldiers, horses, archers, and other warriors from a loooonnnng time ago have been dug up. In the late ’70s a farmer was digging a well and actually came across this huge burial site of a fake army. The emperor back then had these thousands of warriors built so that he could have his army and community live on even after death. It was amazing to see how detailed everything was. The warriors were life size and all different. So cool. The first pit was actually the size of an entire airplane hangar. It was so crazy. I walked around all the pits and museum for a few hours then headed back to Xi’an, which took about an hour. I decided to go walk up on the city wall around dusk, but ended up deciding to rent a bike to ride all the way around. This bike was so old and beat up that I couldn’t help but laugh. The pedals, wheels, and handlebar were all crooked. The wall has been renovated, but even so, that was the bumpiest ride of my life. The kid in me came out and I ended up going around the wall and over all the bumps as fast as that bike could go. I’m not sure if the bikes are made for something like that, but I felt like I couln’t really do that much more damage to it. It was such a nice night, the sun was setting, and I was speeding along the top of this wall that is thousands of years old. So much fun. I would take bike rides that bumpy all the time if all of them could be that great. I got all the way around, headed back to the hostel, and did a much neaded load of laundry

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  1. Kristen, I checked out the warriors online and was impressed by the pictures. I can’t begin to imagine how incredible they were to see in person. To think that each face is unique and the emperor was only 13 years old when he started their construction – completely amazing! Would love to have seen my baby girl bumping along the ancient walls on a rickety bike! I imagine your silhouette against the setting sun was quite a sight to see!

  2. I am enjoying your messages. Hope all is well and love you much.

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