Posted by: thoughtfulnomad | August 9, 2010


I have been in Beijing for 5 days now and am loving it. I had heard some negative views on the city, but I disagree with them. There is so much to see and do. The first day I got here I walked around a lot…I saw Tienanmen square, the Qianman area, lots of parks, markets, etc. Tienanmen sq. is huuuuge…The second day I went to the Summer Palace, which is pretty much a bunch of pagodas and temple looking buildings around a giant lake…so pretty. The next day I planned a trip to the Great Wall. On the way there I met a guy who spoke just enough english to tell me which stop I needed to get off with. Fortunately he and his brother in law were also going to the Great Wall, so we were able to share a cab the rest of the way and walk around together. It was really fun and interesting to get to know someone who has grown up and lived here their whole life. The Great Wall was amazing. I knew that it was big, but actually seeing it made me realize just how massive it really is. It literally wound on and on over and around mountains as far as I could see. I could even make out guard towers miles away on mountain peaks. Climbing it was harder than I expected…getting to the top of the mountain was difficult in itself, but the wall has so many ups and downs…it’s a never ending stair climb. I stood on top of one of the guard towers at one point and had the whole wall winding out behind me over the mountains…I loved it. To top the day off, when I got back I took the subway out to the Olympic village. I’m not sure how anything could really top that day…the olympic village was amazing as well. The Bird’s nest was soooo big. It was actually shocking. The architecture was so unique and detailed. The park itself was huge, too. It has 3 subway stops all to itself. I spent a couple of hours walking around there and could have spent more, but had to get back to my hostel for the day. Yesterday I went to the Temple of Heaven which is in a giant park that has a lot of ceremonial ruins and temples. It was nice to walk around, sit in the grass, and just watch the world go by for a while. I headed back from there and stopped at the Pearl Market, which is like a Canal Street in New York City that is packed into 5 floors of a really big building. Very crowded, but so fun. Today I’m hanging out in my hostel for a little while before going out to tour the Forbidden City. It’s massive…everything seems to be huge in China…I guess because China is so big itself. Well, that’s all for now. I’m heading to Shanghai tomorrow. Unfortunately, the only train ticket that I could get I a 22 hour ride on a normal seat. All the fast trains and beds were sold out. That should be ….a trip.

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