Posted by: thoughtfulnomad | April 10, 2010

History Lesson Time

When I decided to travel around Asia, I realized that there were only a few specific places that I knew I wanted to go. For the most part, though, I really had no idea what there was to do around China and Southeast Asia. I feel kind of ashamed that for a part of the world with such an extensive history, I really didn’t know that much about it at all. I’ve decided to fix that and do some researching and reading. Obviously I’m not going to become a complete history buff on every country, but I do want a genereal knowledge on where I’m going. I’m starting with the countries I know the least about, which are Laos and Cambodia. It’s safe to say I’ll be glued to the computer for a while…



  1. As you find out tidbits about the history of each country you will visit, I hope you will share them on your blog.

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